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your looking to swing with older women, there is no better place to be!

You will not experience swingers heaven until you turn up to a party with several, smoking hot mature women and you know you are going to have the chance to shag one of them that night.

Have you ever been to a swinger’s party full of dirty older women who just need a good, hard shag? It could be one of the best nights of your life. Here are a couple of reasons older women enjoy swinging.

1. Their sex lives were getting a bit boring with their husbands. These women might have been having sex with their husbands and no one else for the last 30 years.  How boring! Swinging is a great way to get out there and have sex with other people without the guilt of having an affair.

2. Many partners like to do it to actually spice up their own sex lives. All of a sudden you’re not just having sex with each other, you are practicing for the next time you shag someone else. (Not that these women need much practice.)

3. Many women just like the experience of having sex with as many people as possible. Most of the women on the site are looking for multiple sex partners.

4. Some women just go because their husband has convinced them. These are sometimes the best women to fuck as they are slightly more reserved.

From to Gilf Dating

There is obviously the big swinging site called Over the years Gilf Dating has seen more and more people cross over from this site to meet the community of granny lovers on Rather than me trying to explain why I think this is the case, here is a testimonial off one of our members.

“Me and my husband were on the brink of divorce but swinging really helped us. It just turned out we were both sexually frustrated and looking go and have fun with a few other people. Getting online was the simplest and best way of getting into the swinging community. We bounced around a couple of sites, from fab swingers to swinging heaven. Eventually trying Gilf dating. Its not really clear that this was a site for swinging, but after having a quick looks around there are hundreds of people looking for a swinging experience. I actually prefer it to the other sites as people are more honest about what they are looking for. On top of this, I’m not the only woman on this site in her fifties. In fact, most of the women are and more importantly, all the men are looking to swing with slightly older women.  So even through there are not as many people on this site as there are on, we have a lot more success. (This means more sex, which suits me down to the ground!)” Sandra 54

Many of the members of this site have been swinging before but most are just looking to have sex with more than one person. If you are looking to be a bit more experimental in the bedroom, this could be the perfect starting point for you.

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