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Are you on the lookout for lusty grandma who could potentially become your next fuck buddy? If you know what you are doing and know the right places to look, you could find yourself with a long list of older sex contacts in your phone book.

Here are some do’s and don’ts’s when trying to get a horny granny into bed.


1. Be completely open. Be honest with these women, the great thing about an older woman is that she has seen and heard it all before. You might not be the first man who has asked her for a rim job. Just be completely honest. If she is happy to fulfil some of your strangest fantasies, she will not hesitate to please you and if she doesn’t, she will just say.

2. Make sure you fuck her hard. What ever you do, don’t treat this older women like they are old, they want to be rooted hard like they were in their twenties, don’t hold back, give them the night of their lives. Fuck that lust out of them!

3. Make her an even lustier grandma with flirting and foreplay. Perhaps before you even go over in the evenings, send her some naughty messages over Let her know what you plan to do to her when you see her later. Also try asking her what she is wearing. If you have any requests about what you would like her to wear, just let her know and ask for a photo. If this is done right, you might not have to talk when you meet up you could just get right down to the fucking.

4. Have sex at more unusual times. Perhaps meet up during your lunch break to fuck in a toilet somewhere or if this older slapper is retired then perhaps suggest you go over hers during your lunch. You never know, she might be at home fingering herself!


1. Don’t bore them by buying them flowers and chocolates, these women are not looking for a full time relationship, they are just looking for a bit of fun. What ever you do, don’t get emotionally attached if you know she is just looking for a bit of no stings attached fun.

2. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Some of the lusty grandma’s on this site are still married. The women are just looking for a man to fuck them while their husband watches. Lots of men have this fantasy even though it might seem weird at first; after you first dip your dick in that grannies warm, wet pussy, that is all you will be able to think about, so go for it!

3. Don’t bore them by talking about previous relationship or about work. This is a site for people who are looking for more excitement in their lives, not boredom. Make sure the time you spend together is fun for both of you.

4. Make sure you make your relationship strictly sexual. Some couples that meet up have agreements that they are never going to talk to each other. Just meet, fuck and then leave. I can imagine why this is quite appealing, it is like you are just using each other for sexual needs, nothing more.

5. Don’t assume that you are the only person she is sleeping with. The majority of grannies on this site have over 3 playmates. Don’t think for one second you are the “man of her dreams”, she is probably just using you. Enjoy the sex and make sure you are the one she remembers. If you want to be her only fuck buddy then fuck her very hard before approaching the subject, you need to make sure that you don’t look clingy and give her good reason to drop the others!

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