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New year, New rooting opportunities

If you have been living in a cave for the last 26 days, you might not have realised that it’s now 2015! That’s right, it’s a new year, which means, we can throw away all the cobwebs from the last year, and go into this one with a fresh, clear start. This attitude lends itself perfectly when it comes to online dating, and specifically meeting up with women you want to root.

So 2014, might not have been your year? Sure you might have thought about making that locked away fantasy a reality, you probably told yourself every new day, this is the day I’ll finally sign up to that dirty site and make it happen… In fact, you probably might have even taken the step and become a member, but, I think we both know that’s probably where you drew the line.

But don’t worry, it’s like we said, that was last year, and this is, well, a new year. A chance for you to take that decisive step to throw yourself into the deep end of the dating pool, to meet the older women of your dreams, to have countless one night stands, filling their holes and satisfaction with your pumped up, mature craving cock. And where is this all happening I hear you say through baited breath… well right here, on -our site hasn’t stopped in time, just because of your fear of the unknown. Oh no, we are as busy and as hectic as ever, in fact we have big plans for 2015, we are making it our number 1 priority to get as many guys laid up with an older woman. Why do we want to do that? Well have you ever had sex with a kinky mature gilf? Obviously not, because if you had, you wouldn’t be reading this, you would be using our dating site and sending out messages like a man possessed.

What’s happening on GilfDating Australia in 2015:

1. We are now attracting more members than ever before, over 500 per week sign up to our dirty dating site

2. There are more local sex hook-ups happening every month than ever before

3. More members mean more sexual interests. So if you like a woman with big tits who are into rimming your ass – you can find it on our site.

4. More photos and videos are uploaded every day!

5. Our monthly subscription is now cheaper than ever. So you can enjoy the main advantages of online dating, with a cheap price tag.

6. Continue to offer a free trial to any new member who joins.

7. We are still as filthy as ever…

So that’s the main reasons why we think you should be spending more time on our site this year. We hope that you don’t end up  making any more of those excuses like you did last year..

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