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Why are more and more people moving to is one of the biggest swinging sites in Australia. But more and more people are leaving fab swingers for Gilf Dating.

Here are a couple of our member’s testimonials,

“More my age group”

I but the problem was that a lot of the people on there were in their thirties. Being 62, I am looking for someone who wants to mess around with an older gal like me. Since I have joined this site, I have found lots of people who are very turned on with the thought of meeting up with me for sex. This is exactly what I was looking for. My husband doesn’t mind either, he likes the more mature ladies too, so it keeps us both pleased. Lynda 62

“People seem dirtier”

“I began to feel like I was having to put in all the hard work. On this site I have a pick of the men. I get several messages everyday of men wanted to meet up and get frisky. Makes me feel young again. I have to say, I am a member of a few sites and this one I seem to have the best sex from.” Sue 57

“Easier to use”

No forums, just easy to use profiles.  It was a bit confusing at first but all you do is search for the swingers on the site, or at least the people who say they are interested in swinging. It brings up quite a lot of results. I have messaged a few of them and yes, they really do like swinging. Met up with about 3 different groups now. One of the groups I have met up with twice, love swinging and I think I will be on this site for quite a while (considering it’s actually free for women! Don’t know why, but it works for me!) Sarah 60

Why to choose us over

As you have just read, there are a few reasons why people have started to move from fabswingers to gilf. But we have also done our research. One of the biggest reasons we feel you should give us a go is because of our unique filtering system.

We set this site up to help men have sex with dirty older women. Ultimately what you are looking for is a way to find your ideal sexual match. The best and only way to get results fast is to be able to filter your results down to your sexual fantasies. You need a way to be able to look for women who like performing the sexual acts you enjoy like blowjobs and you also need a way to find women who enjoy certain fantasies that you like to perform on others, such as swinging. So we have created it. Sign up for your free trial and have ago.

In the search field, simply click on interests, you can then search for women based on their favourite sexual position, sexual fantasies, age, height, hair colour. You name it; you can really be specific which really helps find the ideal woman for you.

We have created a service that allows you to search for your ideal sexual partner out of the thousands of women on the site.

Why not sign up and have ago, click on a few of the profiles and see what you can find. Don’t worry if you don’t like it or are not happy with the amount of members; simply cancel your membership and you will not hear from us again!

100% real Granny Members

We have a team of over 14 people working around the clock verifying every single profile that signs up. We can guarantee that every person you see and contact on this site, are genuine. On top of this we are working with a company called online dating protector who also check our database everyday for any fake users. We can guarantee that everyone is real, this is another reason why we think so many people are making the move to

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