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These Grannies want sex more than you do!

If every time you feel a bit horny you find yourself typing gilf into google then this might be the perfect site for you. We don’t do porn, or novels, we specialise in actually helping men have sex with grannies.  We have over 100 mature ladies signing up to every day across Australia. Each one looking to increase the amount of sex they are having. Are in interested?

What is a gilf?

Gilf simply stands for Granny I’d Like to fuck. It is based on a better known term Milf. The term milf was made popular by the film American Pie. Since then it has become a very popular search term for men who are looking to have a wank over more mature women online. Even though Grannie porn is a massive turn on for a lot of men, most do not realise how many older women out there are actively seeking sex. If your fantasy is to have sex with a dirty older woman, then it isn’t that hard to make your fantasy a reality. Over the last year we have paired up hundreds of men looking for older women. Why not sign up and have a go?

Why are gilfs the best in bed?

We released Gilf Dating in 2006, since then the site has grown and grown. But why do we think this is the case?

I think it simply boils down to online dating becoming more acceptable and men realising that women of a certain age are far better in bed than younger girls.

Look at it this way, sex takes practice; the more you practice, the better you get. Some of these granny slags have been having sex for over 40 years. Think how much better they are going to be at sucking dick than a young, 20-something girl. They know how to please men and they also know how they like to be pleased. It is as simple as that. If you don’t believe me, why not sign up shag one of them. But be careful! Once you shag a Gilf, you will never go back!

Top reason older women sign up.

So we know why the men sign up but why do these smoking hot older ladies sign up. Here are a few reasons

  1. The number one reason is that they are horny. There are no studies to show that sex drive goes down over time. You either are a horny person or your not. Some of these women are having just as much sex now, with strangers, as they were in their twenties.
  2. They have just come out of a relationship, either through divorce or separation and have no intention of getting back into anything serious anytime soon. Having sex with new people after a break up is proven to make you feel better and help you get over your last partner. A lot of the women are not looking for anything serious, just good old fashion fucking!
  3. Some women on here are still married and actively looking to sleep with men behind their husbands back. They enjoy the thrill of having an affair.
  4. Some gilfs are married to men who can’t please them in the bedroom. They have come on the site to find men to fuck them while their husbands watch. You would be surprised at the number of women who are actually looking for this!

100% real women

All members of this site are 100% real. We take this very seriously and have a team of people working around the clock, verifying every profile. If a profile seems a bit suspicious, we contact the user directly. We want to help you have as much sex as you can. The best way to guarantee more sex is to make sure that the people you are contacting online, really are, who they say they are!

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