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The word Gilf is a spin off from the word M.I.LF. The word milf, made famous but the American Pie series stands for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”. If you replace the word Mom with the word Granny, you get G.I.L.F! This site really does help thousands of men find their ideal older woman. If you are looking to start granny dating then this is the best site for you to begin.

Real online dating experience with older Women

As you can imaging this site works in a similar way to a lot of dating sites but the difference is, we have more mature women signing up, who are all looking for one thing; Sex! This is not a site for people who are looking for love. These women are all looking for a no strings attached romance. In case you have never tried online dating before, here is how it works.

  1. Become an exclusive member. A lot of the grans on this site are very revealing; because of this, we can’t just let anyone in to look around. This is why we ask that you sign up for a membership.
  2. Search through thousands of old sluts. In order to whittle down your results, you can use your search facility, which allows you to search by location, appearance, sexual fantasies, favourite position etc. This will match you with your ideal mature fuck buddy.
  3. Look through their profiles. Most women upload mature thumbnails of them and write about their sexual fantasies. You can even view their horny videos.
  4. Get in contact; get to know each other through webcam and online chat.
  5. Arrange a time to meet up for sex dating. Remember this is a sex-dating site, if you do meet up with any of our members it is probably going to be to shag!

All these ladies are real

The single most important thing about granny dating online is that you can trust the women that you are speaking to are real. Certain site have given online dating a bad name by setting up fake profiles. Our aim is to HELP people have more sex in their lives, we don’t see any point in this, we would rather have 10 women on our site that you actually can meet up and shag, than fifty thousand fake profiles of women you will never meet. Because of this, we take fake profiles very seriously.

We have a team of 17 people, working around the clock, verifying the thousands of members that sign up from all over Australia. Every profile is checked and if the profile seems fake, we contact that member directly. Yes this might seem a bit over the top, but we want to help the people who are actively looking for more sex. This is why we ask for a real name and email address.

We don’t send hundreds of emails but the ones we send, do count, like if a member is trying to get in contact with you.

Benefits of online vs offline

You are probably here because you don’t like the idea of offline dating. Approaching loads of old ladies on the street, or out at bars. Nervously asking her for a drink when all you really want to do is fuck. Online dating cuts out all the questions, I can tell you that ALL the women on this site are actively looking for sex. From that point it is just a case of finding the right granny for you.

Sign up for your free trial. We don’t require any payment details and you have unlimited time on the site to browse. Give it a go!

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