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Older Women – Classy older lady or trying to stay young – The Debate!

Classy gilf

What is acceptable for women over 60 to wear? Is it sexier for women to wear clothes which are “suitable” for their age? Is it more acceptable when women “grow old gracefully?” This subject has been up for debate for many a year; and more so within the last few years with the increase in dating sites where young guys are chasing older women.

The Classy Older Lady

If you’re into the idea of a “classy older lady” you’re definitely well on your way to fancying the higher end of Grannies. The Classy granny is one that will not necessarily make it known that she likes to get frisky in the sheets. The difficulty with this fact is that it can be hard to differentiate between those older women that are just older women or those that are older women and love a romp with a younger guy with plentiful stamina. This does pose a problem, picture the scene: you’re in a nice country pub and you notice a well dressed, older lady, looking at you… What do you do? Is it safe to assume that the old dear across the room is interested in you? I don’t think so. The odds are severely against you in this situation, and you could end up make quite the spectacle of yourself. If you’re looking for the more traditional older lady, the only option open to you is to look online at dating sites such as The Joy of such places is that the women on these sites are interested in younger guys and therefore the choice is yours. You are free to roam around at your pleasure and be selective with the women who you contact, ultimately you can choose who/when/where you go on dates.

The Wannabe Cougar

There is a time in woman’s life where she can safely be called a cougar; this typically is between the ages of 40-55 (60 if you’re particularly special). However, after this point it becomes increasingly more likely that your cougar will actually be more like “mutton dressed as lamb”. The typical over the hill cougar can easily be found in the local pub, short skirt and boobs out not looking as though she is out on a fancy dress party, this is not a good look. However, even though it might not be a good look, she will be just as, if not a bit more, dirtier than the aforementioned “classy older lady”. Moreover, you can be guaranteed that if she’s dressed like a slag, she more than likely is, so you don’t have the same risk as attempting to pull a classy looking gilf and failing miserably.

The Decision:

Ultimately, the decision lies with you. Are you bothered about what your granny looks like? If so it would be best to try and find a classy older lady as oppose to one who’s trying to dress under her years. But if you’re not fussed about how they are dressed, want an easy ride and a dirty one at that, then go for the wannabe cougar, easy to find, easy to lay…Happy Days!

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