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A real story about contacting a granny member

My name is Bobby (disguised for confidentiality) and I am 26 years old. I’ve never really had much success in the bedroom department. This has made me quite shy around women, especially older women, who are the ones that I really want to shag.

I read an article not so long ago that said that dating sites are a great way for shy people to meet adults for casual encounters. So after taking some time to do a little research I stumbled across this site, It appeared to tick all the right boxes, so I created my free account and started contacting a few of the older members.

After a couple of days and several messages later I was in contact with about 3 members. They were all very open and friendly and made me feel very comfortable on the site. I still found myself being quite shy, even though I was behind my computer. I wasn’t yet ready to meet up with any of them.

To help me feel more relaxed, I was invited to have face to face contact with them over my webcam through the dating site. Although I was a little apprehensive I knew it needed to be done. So at 10pm on a Tuesday evening I logged into my account to meet Cindy, waiting on webcam for me.

We started off with the niceties, how are you, did you have a good day, what are you up to this weekend, that type of thing. After the introductions were over things started heating up a little more. Cindy started taking off her top to uncover her large, supple breasts.

I wanted to leave, get off, and quit the experience as I had never seen a woman up close in all her beauty. I fought with myself to stay online, to stay in the moment. She sat there completely topless and told me to remove my pants. I did as I was told.

For 2 hours I let her dominate me. She had full control, and she knew how to use it, believe me!

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