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Are you the type of man who enjoys looking at lust grandma’s or dirty older women online. Well maybe it’s about time you started to go on a granny date. You never know where the night might take you. You could end up fulfilling some of your own, deep sexual desires with her.

Finding women to go on a date with.

When it comes to meeting new women, there are only a few options

  1. Approaching random women offline.
  2. Meeting women in work or through friends
  3. Meeting women online

These are pretty much the only way to get new females in your life. I am going to run through each of these options and discuss why I think online dating is the fastest and easiest way to start going on dates with naughty old women.

Approaching random women offline.

This is the old fashion way. The way it used to be done, almost 30% of couples and fuck buddies will meet in this way. Either out at social functions, at clubs or parties or just out in the street. Men will always find a way to go and chat to attractive mature ladies. It definitely works, lots of women say they like the confidence of a man that just approaches them. But the problem is that the majority of men just don’t have this amount of confidence and it is a hard thing to act.

Lots of men get very nervous about speaking to an attractive older lady. They then find it hard to be themselves because they are over thinking things or trying too hard to say the right thing (and end up saying all of the wrong things). Even if you are good at starting small talk, how do you go from there, to taking her number and asking her out on a granny date?

Well there are books you can read like “the game” or even watch youtube videos like “simple pickup” but lots of men don’t feel like they are being themselves using technique. Although, I would definitely suggest reading some of this material as you are probably not acting yourself doing it the way you currently are.

The bottom line here is, you just need to get out there and do it, practice makes perfect. Realise that the first 10 women you approach is going to go badly. Don’t take it seriously and get those 10 over and done with. Once you have got over your nerves, then you can really start having some fun!

Meeting women in work or through friends

Over 50% of people meet their partner through work. Yes, we have all heard that before, but you wouldn’t be here if this was the case for you. What happens if you work in a small company or are self-employed? What happens if it is unprofessional for you to start dating a sexy older gal from the office?

There are hundreds of reasons why people find it difficult to meet people through work.

The other option is blind dates or being introduced by a friend. But lets face it, if the horny mature woman you were being introduced to was that nice, why wouldn’t your friend be fucking her, rather than introducing you.

Meeting women online

I my opinion this option is flawless. You sign up to a site where hundreds of other matures have already signed up admitting that they are looking to go on a date. You browse through as many profiles as you want, for free, looking at nude thumbnails of these women and reading their profiles. When you find one you like the look of you send them a message (this can even be done through your mobile). Then you start chatting and arrange a time and a place to meet for your date. With thousands of women signed up, this really can’t go wrong!

Ultimately the option is up to you. But if you are at all tempted to try online dating, sign up for your free trial and have a browse. Cancelation is free and instant. You really have nothing to loose.

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