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How to grab yourself an older date

When it comes to dating there is a lot of choice for adults. There are websites that cater for pretty much every type of person or interest you could ever want. So when it comes to grabbing yourself a sexy older woman, is the right choice for you.

But how exactly does a service like this work, what is available to you once you sign up? We are going to take the next few minutes to help answer all these questions, and give you the inside information you need when it comes to bagging a gran.

Sign up for a free account

The first part is simple. Take 30 seconds now to create your free membership account. This can be done by using the sign up form at the top of this page. All we need is name, email address, password and age.

Add photos and information to your profile

Make sure you spend a couple of minutes uploading some photos of yourself. These can be as dirty as you like, but don’t feel pressure and think you have to add naughty pics, you’ll get equally just as many granny contacts with just a mug shot.

Spend time filling out the information on your profile. People are not going to expect an essay on your life, we imagine that would probably be more of a putt off than having nothing! But people will feel more of an attraction to you if you at least give a little description about yourself.

It’s shocking how quick a connection can be built after knowing only a few bits of information on someone.

Include your interest in the bedroom

Add your sexual interests, it’s important for two reasons. Firstly be open minded from the start will help make you appear more confident, and grannies love to know what a man wants! Secondly, if other members are using the search tool on the site, they can add specific filters. So if you say you love blowjobs, and one of our female members says she loves giving blowjobs, you’ll come up as a match. This will help you get more attention!

Where to go on your first encounter

Now if you’re already a member of our site, you’ll know that this dirty community actively promotes and advertises casual hook-ups throughout the UK. It’s what we have become known for, and we’re proud of that.

Although these type of casual sex hook-ups offer plenty of opportunities, we hear quite a lot of feedback from members who are never really quite sure where to go for sex, and this can in some cases cause so much stress, it actually puts someone off meeting up. So to help relieve any stress caused, we are going to give out guide to the best places to go for sex.

Your House or there house?

The best first place to organise a casual meet-up is first and foremost always going to be one of your houses, it really doesn’t matter which one, but preferably the one that’s going to be quietest and easiest to get to. What you don’t want to happen is meet up at a shared house, and forever be interrupted by housemates, family, friends, etc. This will just taint the entire experience, and you’ll not be able to fully get into it.


Hotels are a great option. These days you can get a room in a Best Western or Metrol Hotel for less than $50 a night, which is nothing for a night of pure enjoyment. The real beauty about these budget hotels is there location. In nearly every busy city, or town centre you can find one. This is perfect for having a night on the town and getting to know each other over a few drinks, then it’s back to your hotel room for the after party.

The Great Outdoors

For those with a real sense of exploration and a thrill of being caught, you could always try taking your dirty sex date to an outdoor location. We’ve heard many of members recount tales of having sex on the steps of town halls, behind bins, heck, even in the bathroom toilets of clubs and pubs. If outdoor sex is really your thing, you could even think about sharing the experience with other complete strangers in the way of some local dogging action!

The kind of people you could meet

We’d love to welcome you as a member too!